This Girls Life

Complain …don’t we all? Complain at the very slightest opportunity we get.Best if we have some passive person who can just listen and and utter “really?”, “yes i totally understand” or even grunt “uhmm’s,yeah’s”.

I know men would totally agree in unison that women complain a lot. The hairdos, the color of the lipstick, the not-so matching ready-to-wear clothes that they have,the broken nails..Women take pains to look good – for themselves as well as for their men. Yes,you read it right… for men lest they stray(don’t mean to offend the male readers out here) . But the strayers stray – whether one likes it or not.( I have to say out here that i am not creating a battle ground for either sexes)

Photo courtesy : Nigamendra Bomzan - The girls in this picture do not reflect the 'burning issue' in my post.

I bring this out on a different context…one of horror,one of pain,one of shame,one where a woman loses her dignity – PROSTITUTION.

Just the other day, i went through an article published in Marie Claire .It was about Nepali girls being trafficked and how Maiti Nepal has rescue operations .Almos t all of the rescued girls/women, had full blown AIDS but were still determined to rescue those naive ones from those pimps!

Stories…Horror stories rather.. made my stomach churn, gave me goosebumps ; to say the least.
One story that screamed at me was of a little girl.A young, innocent 7 year old girl child who served as a ‘nanny’ in a household.She had just been registered in grade one when she was sold .

SOLD! A 7 year old toddler!! People make money out of this !! What do the ‘buyers, sellers, consumers’ get out of a baby? Nevertheless she was sold to a Mumbai Brothel, was forced to satisfy customers -2 on the first day and around 20 each day afterwards. Now at 11, she has full blown AIDS, numerous STDS and is paralysed at her legs bec ause of the ‘over sized’ men she ‘satisfied’.

She had not even reached puberty when she came back to Maiti Nepal. A frail ,young, body like hers.. how could she.. how could they…how could one ever……my list of questions trail off.

From my own collection:The child in this picture does not reflect the 'burning issue' in my post.

I have no answers.

Someone’s little girl has just been robbed even of complaints..what is the use of complaining? No one has answers to her questions, her complains. No one can grunt and say the ‘yeah i understand’.All she knows is she lived it ,she faced it and she is dying because of it.

I shed a tear for her and realize ‘Even the Omnipresent is at a loss of words’ for this ‘poor creature’.

(Originally posted on Darj forum – March 8,2006)

P.S As i post this today, i do not know of her health. I don’t know if she is still alive.

(The topic of this particular post is something I feel very strongly about – a burning issue from where I hail from. As we all are aware, Ms. Anuradha Koirala was the receiver of the CNN Hero of the year, 2010. She is the founder of Maiti Nepal and an advocate of this. I am sure you all agree that Awareness and Girl Child Education is a must for trafficking to stop in our part of the world. This is just a reaction to something I read in a magazine. You thoughts, opinions and suggestions are welcome)


12 thoughts on “This Girls Life

  1. It is indeed a horror story, Rimly – something I cannot even imagine! Maiti Nepal is a strong advocate of girl trafficking and the workers along with ‘ex’sex workers have managed to rescue many girls!! What they do is highly commendable and inspiring. It’s because of a brave effort of one strong female, anuradha koirala, that this issue has become one of international concern.

  2. Prats after reading this – I am surprised I have the right to enjoy even a day in my life. Excuse my language but “what bastards” these men are. Are they even men??? Monsters??? No – they are so not worthy of any identification given to them. They are even worse than the filthiest of filth… Don’t know what else to say…

    • It does make ones heart wrench,doesn’t it ? When they hurt babies and rob them of their childhood innocence – it makes me sick to my stomach. What goes through the minds of these children is unfathomable !!

  3. This is beyond words and our imagination too… Brought back a lot of memories working in NGOs back home which really changed my perspective of life completely. Anything and Everything good in me today is because I seen that world and realized we have enough BAD to consume everyone in one big swirl. I cannot even begin to express my anger and disgust on ppl that buy, sell, rape and exploit women… and these are kids!! May GOD just open the earth and swallow those animals straight to HELL.

  4. The story of “A” is so heartbreaking. I wonder even after these children and women are rescued how they can erase the horrors from their minds! But rescue them we must, and I think it’s great that CNN chose to bring this subject to the forefront. We need more education for women worldwide and more heroes like Maiti Nepal.

  5. Thank you for your response,Sweepy – it’s a terrible world and i hate to see the innocence and childhood of these children being literally ‘raped’ by such men. Education and Awareness is a must and as we discussed elsewhere – it begins at home.

  6. Eva, I am at a loss for words for the little girl’s suffering but have a lot to say to the criminals. How can they look themselves in the eye in the mirror and not cringe at their bloody behavior? What kind of a person does this to innocent children? A monster with no morals and values, a person sure to burn in hell for this heinous act. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  7. Sulekha, your response and feedback is appreciated. This ( Awareness) needs to be like the ‘Each One Teach One’ rule and has to be practiced. When i first read about the little girl, i was speechless and felt so helpless ; which lead me to venting out my suffocation.

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