Wimaway Man!

Says William Arthur Ward:

Every person has the power to make others happy.

Some do it simply by entering a room —

others by leaving the room.

I would say so of my National Sales Manager, Mr. G, who on entering a room would make your lips twist into a smile. A Versatile and bubbly, jovial man in his late 50’s who could be a helluva scatterbrain. His loud booming voice, and his snort of a laughter amused us all. A typical American who loves golfing, Barbecues on weekends, loves eating salad, and has a family Pizza night on Fridays

He has had years of experience in Sales and has worked his way up from being a mere ‘cleaning ‘boy at GM (quit it after day 1) to being a manager in a company.

Never did he have a frown on his face, never did he say “Awww P I’ve told you this before, you should know it by now”. He is always ready to help with a Big smile on his face. He is such a darling.

If the men heard me walking into the factory he would go” Guys, here comes our Inspector, make sure you are doing your job!”

He has taught me the tricks of the trade, handled all my troublesome customers and boy we had fun passing them to each other. His e-mail would go” Hey P, here’s one for you…take care of him” and my response would be “Hey G, I am overwhelmed with work, can you handle him for me?”

So this Ping-Pong would go on till finally one of us would put our hands down. But mind you, it wasn’t with every customer…just a few of the ‘selected ‘ annoying ones. But he was a good man at heart with no malice.

One thing I will always remember would be him singing this song whenever we had an order or a phone call from our Dutch customer Wim. Mr.G would break into a smile and snap is fingers and sing this version

wimaway (originally imbube) oh wimaway…in the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight

A few days back, we were told that he handed in his resignation and it was a blow to us. But we are all happy for him for he is now joining as the President of a company in Manhattan. He is on cloud # 9 and all excited for this new phase in his life.
But now his happiness has been dampened with sorrow.
Yesterday, he had to run out of work as soon as he came in because his father-in-law passed away. They were best buddies and did things together and lived in the same house .So one can imagine how close they were. An elderly person living with their family is rare out here and Mr.G always spoke highly of him.
What touched me most was the voice message he had left me at work. In broken sentences and his voice quavering i hear him say :
Hi P, I know I ran out the door yesterday …my father-in-law passed away. He was my good friend but …but he is in good hands now. We were planning his big birthday on July 11 with all his cousins, and grandchildren but to…day… now we are all planning his funeral. It’s tough…. (And his voice trails off)
His voice message was moving indeed but what affected me most was that he found me worthy enough to confide his family affairs and also, that he did not hold back his tears. With joy comes sorrow, with life comes death and that is how Life moves on.

Mr.G is one person I have encountered in my life who has been a great influence on me. I shall always remember him as the “oh wimaway “ man!
(Originally posted at the Darj forum in 2005)

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