An Encounter

Every morning when I am on my way to work, I see a mid 40’s disheveled, Hispanic man. His regular outfit is a baseball cap (which definitely cannot hide his long unkempt hair under it) an oversized jersey and sports trousers. He looks really dangerous and is always swearing under his breath. As the wait for the bus grows tedious, he looks like a caged lion longing for freedom (believe me, his locks and facial hair growth makes him look like the predator). He knows so many people at the terminal and I always wondered how. Then I noticed/ heard something funny.This is how it begins – He cracks up a conversation with every person taking their morning puff with a cup of coffee.

Lion : Hey man, the weather is f$#*^g crazy.
Prey: ye I know. (Exhales smoke) it’s dull n boring.
Lion: What bus do you take ?
Prey: Ah that goddamn Bus 17 .That bus is always late
Lion: Yah.that f*$^#n SOB of a bus driver needs to be complained.

Then after a few more conversations, the bus arrives and the ‘prey’ is ready to throw the ciggie away and the lion says” hey before you throw the butt can I just smoke a puff or two?”. Prey says sure and gets on the bus.
The lion puffs away with a satisfied smile on his face! Then he throws the ciggie and stomps it with his feet and waits with hands folded for his next victim.
Ah there she comes puffing stylishly…. We see the lion circling his prey and strikes up a conversation.
This is what he has been doing religiously for the past few months that I have noticed him. I’ve heard he’s been doing that for years. Why? Because According to his family he has supposedly quit smoking and does not buy those packs,. But he has sure got a good way of getting rid of his desire!! No wonder he knows so many people !!!!
Where there’s a will, there’s a way…How true

Luv n Cheers

(Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2006 11:20 am Darj Forum)

One thought on “An Encounter

  1. Has always been a classic quitters strategy I guess… Not always begging from random strangers (yikes)… it's usually a few pulls from good friends. LOL. it's funny you noticed it…;)

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