American Idol – Disappointment

So i follow American Idol religiously.
In fact, for the first time since its beginnings – i voted for a contestant last season! Well he didn’t win,that’s an altogether different story, but still  i voted for him insanely.
This season we see a host of talents – each outdoing the other , some so inconsistent and some like Andrew who wowed us in his audition going backwards. From the whole bunch, i felt Lily was truly unique. Be it her voice, the genre she caters to , her musical talents or  her looks – she’s got the whole package! Among the women, i strongly feel Lacey should have been the one to go. For a teenager, Katie isn’t bad at all – it’s just that she’s such a nervous wreck! Going forward she needs to be calm ,composed and choose songs relevant to her age (well that’s what the judges say).
Another disappointment was Alex Lambert. He truly deserved to be in the Top 12. He was one contestant who literally ‘grew’ right in front of our eyes. And yes he’s got a unique voice and oodles of talent. Tim Urban – Hallelujah ,Indeed! He definitely should have been the one packing his bag.
Unique talent gets you voted off….hmmm !! But i sincerely hope if they have a wildcard round this season – these two are able to jump back into the wagon….and you know who’s going to be voting again – yours truly.
Watch Out America!!

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One thought on “American Idol – Disappointment

  1. Yes I been following this season religiously too. It's getting really unpredictable now. We shall see!!! Ellen mentioned in her show that more ppl should vote… maybe the voting / viewing has gone down this year!

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