Culinary Xperiment – 2

My sister kept saying she wanted to have salmon. I seriously have no idea about salmon dishes. I am not a fan of seafood.The best i can do with the aquatic world is  shrimps, fishes,prawns …yes that’s it! My curiosity is limited to just those three.

So when i decided to venture towards the world of salmon – the least i can say is i was superbly nervous!!

I looked up tons of recipes on and finally came across one. Cooking for me,as you  must have realized, is an unknown,unexplored world . There i was staring at ingredients i barely used. My trip to our local supermarket was yet another experience (never knew so many variety of spices and herbs existed!!)

Prepping the salmon, marinating it and finally baking it resulted in a very delicious dish. Yes i am bragging again. You can take a look at it yourself – it’s mouthwatering to say the least ,isn’t it?


P.S. I have made the same dish three times till date and each turned out to be successful.

Happy Baking!!

One thought on “Culinary Xperiment – 2

  1. way to go girl!! Have been waiting for years to see you release your blog!!! and the salmon dish with your photographic touch!!! yummmeee!!!:)Am proud of you my friend!!!

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