Culinary Xperiment – 4

As someone once said “Don’t wreck a sublime chocolate experience by feeling guilty ” here goes one more ‘chocolate’ experiment from me.

I did not come across this recipe over some site until someone mentioned it to me.A couple of weeks ago,Mr.S. offhandedly mentioned why not i try an Ice Box Cake. The name itself threw me off guard. An ice, a cake and a box?? Okay maybe the cake made some sense but not the ice and the box !
So my curiosity got the better of me and i began a search.This particular dessert is simple and just yummmilicious (is there such a word?)!! And like its name suggests – this needs to be frozen for a while(no need to bake). Get a box of Graham Crackers,whipped cream, vanilla or chocolate pudding and get working!
My only complain was that i followed the recipe to the T – i could have done without the frosting.

Till my next Xperiment
Happy Baking!

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