About Me


write about little things that touch my heart,

those things that amuse me…

those few things that tickle my funny bone,

sometimes, prefer to go off on a tangent and ramble about anything & everything under the sun

And all of these, in some uncanny way, has struck my mind. Be it as a nagging thought, an eye opening experience or as an inspiration.


enjoy movies, music,books, traveling.

love word games and am a stickler for spelling errors!

like observing cloud formations ;when there is nothing better to do.

Having being urged me to pen down my thoughts and expressions, i made my entry into the world of blogging . 

Photography is my hobby and i see it as extension of my expressions. I am just a beginner and definitely have ‘miles to go’ before I can be truly comfortable behind the lens.You can view some of my work at my Flickr page.

I write plainly for myself  about things that make me think.


16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love your down-to-earth approach! I can learn a lot about writing from your blog. I’m great with photography – not so great with writing in a non-technical format. I will read, read, read your posts to learn how to relax and make my readers enjoy my text.

  2. Mari – You’re so generous with your words. I am flattered…and that too coming from you is really noteworthy. Your photographs speak volumes!! I am happy to have connected with you. A big Thank You again.

  3. That’s what writers do best. Tell their own unique stories as no one else can… write about what touches their heart… about things that amuse them… yes, they write about everything!

  4. Writing your own story in your own way is what makes it interesting. We may be on the same journey but it is your experiences that make it special.
    Thank you for stopping by

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