Culinary Xperiment – 1

My friend AJ is extremely talented when it comes to working her way in the kitchen. Might i add, i was slightly inspired by her. She often jokes and says “if it were not for my love for cooking i might have gone cuckoo over the years”. Passion – that’s what she has for this particular skill of hers.

As for me,I am not much of a cook. I can prepare a decent meal to save my life. But over the past few months i realised that i do like it.Errr…maybe not too keen on the time consuming Indo-Nep cuisine but definitely my liking has grown towards baking.
This is my first ever experiment with baked chicken fettuccine alfredo.
The picture looks too yellowish but the result was finger licking delicious!!
Okay maybe i am bragging a bit but what came out of the oven had me beaming with pride.
I’ll be back with more of my kitchen success and disasters!!

Till My Next Bake