The Little Blue Blob

Day 1:

Jhilkey! I mumbled looking at this new blue aquatic specie we had got.  No! That’s way too ‘Nepaali ‘- my sister retorted. How about Tinker ? I scoffed at her and said Tinker? That reminds me of  AJ and Tinker Bell. Moreover Tinker almost sounds like one wants to tinkle – ewwww!!

Fascinated, we look at the blue blob circling its new found home from each side. We both burst out laughing, pointing at each others magnified saucer sized eyes! So this is how we appear to this poor lil’ thing. No wonder it’s scared. We spooked it!

Resting our faces on our hands we stared at this ‘identity’ less pet while it was trying to get better acquainted with the new surroundings and its new family.

We are not your prime example of pet friendly people nor are we pet haters! We are right in the middle – probably slightly tilting towards the ‘unfriendly’ lot – mainly because we are genuinely petrified of animals! Since we wanted to gradually get over our fear of animals – that’s how our blue Betta came into our household one cold wintry day.

Oh well I am sure we’ll think of something by tomorrow – I blurted and that broke the spell we both seemed to be caught in.

Day 2:

Never have we gloated over anything in our life and to see us both pampering the new addition was weird to say the least. Weird in each others eyes!! The monotonous life was suddenly all about the blue ‘nameless’ fish.

Sis cleaned the fish bowl (I nearly screamed and let go while trying to remove the fish with the net just because it was all panicky) so I stuck to feeding the fish. We showed it off to our friends like a prized trophy we had won in some contest.

Maybe we should name him Jade she suggested and I was quick to say that reminds me of Aerosmith’s, Jaded. How about Sapphire – I threw the name carelessly and I knew she was going to say it’s too girly. That’s how we are; agreeing to disagree on every little thing that comes our way.

Day 3:

We still did not have a name for the blue blob and now it seemed more at ease in its new turf. I cannot express the calming effect it had on me – just to see it elegantly swirl, twirl in its little glass bowl. To me, Life seemed so peaceful and serene in the water world. Tranquility at its best! (Never knew a fish could make a thinker out of you)

Day 4

We had a routine now. Clean the bowl, feed the fish, observe its graceful moves and get transported to some world where everything seems to be at ease. And yes … we had yet to agree with one name (which was the hardest task of all)!!

Day 5

I saw the fish lying listlessly at the bottom of the bowl. I thought it was stuck between those blue stones. I lightly tapped at the glass – it didn’t stir. I let out a shriek and beckoned my sister to come revive it. She hurried – but we both knew it was lifeless. It was dead! Died- without a name!

Death made me think; how many of us would leave this world without creating an identity of our own? Wouldn’t we be a thing of the past? Maybe our memories would fade with time or worse still – replaced! What do I do with this life I call my own? How can I create my identity in this world swarming with billions of people! Aaah…innumerable questions swarmed my mind.

… And to think one nameless fish made me ponder and gave me the much needed boost to do something, to be somebody, to be a better person and live in the hearts of those who matter the most! A short but an inspiring life – now that is what i would love to live.