To Eat Or Not To Eat:That Is The Question!

What would you do if cupcakes mysteriously appear out of nowhere?

Let me give you an account of what happened at my workplace a couple of weeks ago.

There was commotion! You’re probably thinking “cupcakes and commotion?”

The reason for this chaos was the mysterious appearance of a dozen yummy looking chocolate cupcakes! Cupcakes are harmless and these looked ever so tempting but not a single soul had touched it. The little devils were so inviting yet they were still nicely packed! I have a very sweet tooth and for me to just look at them and not savor them was not at all easy!

However, going back to the commotion – I had left early the day before and the rest were busy at their desks. When I returned the next morning, the edible delights were staring right at me. I was hungry. They told me to hold off for the moment because as soon as I had left the day before, the package appeared mysteriously on the table. Apparently, they asked around but no one knew anything!

And as human beings, our minds work a little too quick and somehow always seem to weigh heavier on the darker side – coming to the worst conclusion ever. They all thought it was poisoned!! Poisoned for crying out loud!!! But they all nodded their heads. A quick glance at the chocolate devils with ‘purple’ frosting made me wonder. You must be wondering why on earth would cupcakes be poisoned!

Now hear this.Just a few days before this incident, we had a disgruntled employee quit work. So you see the easy calculation : one and one added to two – our human minds were convinced!!!

My head was reeling with the weird notion and I did not want to believe it. But then, have we not heard of the most outrageous things that disgruntled employees have done? How difficult would it be to poison cupcakes and sneak it in? One even whispered “If I were you, I would think twice before eating”.

So there we were, a small group huddled in the coffee room. Suddenly, a big voice cuts right in: “I see no one has touched the cupcakes yet”. We turn around to face our Boss. No one uttered a word. He probably didn’t notice the look on our faces when he said “My 10 year old daughter loves to bake. She sent these over for you all yesterday” and walked away!!

There it is,sitting prettily on my desk, before i gobbled it down 🙂