A window with a view

Early last year, I traveled Home. I was visiting my native country after nearly eight years and to say ” I was Excited ” would be an understatement! So on my homeward journey ( which is nearly a 23 hour flight ) i managed to catch some glimpses of the sky from ‘sky level’ – if you know what i mean! What we see from down below is nothing compared to what you see eye to eye.

During my seven hour flight from NY to London,  i did not catch a wink. It was sunny outside and the clouds felt like big balls of cotton. Here’s a view from my window.

So from UK i had a long flight to Bahrain and now the time difference was quickly catching up on me. It was getting dark and i was getting closer to home. I reached Bahrain early afternoon and a couple of hours at the transit area saw me board a flight to Kathmandu, Nepal. I was  a bag of emotions – not knowing what to expect. The once ‘kingdom’  is a valley with hills surrounding it and beyond the hills you had the majestic mountains looking down at you.The music playing in my iPod was equally captivating !!
Abundant with natural beauty – the first glimpse of the hills made me gasp !! This is what i had been missing ! Our gradual entry into the valley was nothing less of a magic for me.
And as we descended, dusk quickly began to engulf the hills.
‘One last shot’ i thought aloud to myself and that was it!! As we began to circle the airport, i could see lights flicker on at some homes , while some places remained dark. I was finally home…
My visit was for a month but, due to the volcano eruption, – it extended for another ten days or so. As was to be expected , my flights got messed up and my return journey was through France. I was a sleepy head and an unenthusiastic traveler on my way back. However, when it was announced that we had entered the French territories – i  peeked through the window and what i witnessed led to the second ‘gasp’ of my trip!! The colors took my breath away!!
This particular one looked as if a painter had just carelessly stroked his paintbrushes over his canvas!
Just as the sun began to rise, we slowly descended towards the CDG airport
Needless to say,the flight back from Paris to NY ,wasn’t filled with excitement – mainly because i was joining work after two days!

Note: The pictures have been tweaked a bit.