Procrastinate – Do it tomorrow!!

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Procrastinate!! I am as guilty as charged!!!

Every year I make a silent promise to myself not to do so, but then, not even a week goes by and I realize I have not been true to myself!

Don Marquis rightly describes this flaw as ” the art of keeping up with yesterday.”

For instance – I vow to read a book – and even after months it is still lying there near my bed! Right now I have 3 piled up!!!

Any of you living in the US (not sure about the other countries), knows the amount of mail we get. Yep even at this age of technology – paper business is booming out here! Junk, the not so junk, the important ones (hate these the most!!) – Everything is sorted accordingly by my sibling. I take what belongs to me and I promise to sort these out but I think I follow ‘promises are meant to be broken’ quite strictly!! I have a huge stash to clear up – ‘one of these days’ I say to myself!!!

Joining a gym – that’s like never going to happen at the rate I am going. Forget the stress of joining a gym; a short walk down the beautiful park next to my place is like an arduous task at hand.

Listen to this; One fine day I decided to jog (did I say jog!! Who am I kidding?) at the park. Hair tied back, running gear on, music plugged into my ears – I jog out the house – feeling victorious!! Barely had I made a turn (less than 60 seconds out of my place); the Lord above decided to pull a good one on me (as always) – it poured cats and dogs!!!! Can you believe it? Bright and sunny one minute and a heavy downpour the next!! I did jog – no actually run; I ran back home!!

And one prime example of procrastination is my promise of meeting ‘K’ – my buddy from my childhood days! We live just 45 minutes away ( maybe even less than that) and I’d say I’d meet her since the past few years!! Now she has a daughter who is fast growing up and I am yet to meet her!!

Those mentioned above are just a few things I can really think of right now and I know the list goes on and on for me. Am I the only one plagued (I hope not *fingers crossed*)? Maybe you are plagued as well – how about sharing a few instances and maybe some could provide good advice/tips !!

And what i learnt is that there are two rules of procrastination: 1) Do it today. 2) Tomorrow will be today tomorrow.

Whoops!!! Something just caught my eye: I have another draft waiting to be edited (since God knows when) – so here’s me promising to post the new  one as soon as i can…

Today,I sign off as:

The ‘Procrastinating’ girl with the mole :=)