Natures Wrath – (Ramblings)

The  series of ‘Ramblings’ that i have posted was an experiment that i participated in. This experiment was more of a fun interaction among members of a Darjeeling group that i am a member of. We were supposed to write anything in only 50 words – and what struck me was the fact that you could express just about anything in only 50 words.  Fifty seems like a lot but once you get down to writing it’s not enough.Yes,mind you, it wasn’t easy. A lot of editing, re-editing was done to bring out the essence of one’s writing (can’t speak for the rest of the members). If you don’t believe me – go ahead and try it !

The dim street lamp cast a menacing shadow.
Shivering, I stood – Not a soul at sight.
The wind howled and whistled past me. Determined not to let go of It, I held on tight.
Then what I feared happened–I saw It flying 10 feet away – my Umbrella!

(Posted: Thu Sep 29, 2005 2:25 pm)- Darj Forum